2C30 Tsang Lok Yiu

Reflection on Girl Guides Knot Tying Activity

At one of our gatherings this year, we had a knot-related activity. The task of that day was to learn some basic knotting skills and set up a tent belonging to our group. On that day, our group encountered a coordination problem: we didn’t prepare the materials to decorate the tent in advance. Seeing that other groups were so prepared, we were very desperate and worried. On the one hand, we were afraid of making a fool of ourselves. On the other hand, we did not complete the teacher’s arrangement. Under that condition, we only had limited time and resources to make use of, we found some Christmas decorations in the leader’s classroom, and we had an idea to design our tent with Christmas as the theme. During the process, we collaborated seamlessly with giggles and grace. Eventually, we completed our tent, and it gave us a great sense of accomplishment and enjoyment. In this event, not only did I learn some knotting skills, but I also utilized them to build tents. Most importantly, although our design was not the best, through this event, I felt that our group mates have a better understanding of each other. The strangeness and awkwardness at the beginning had gradually turned into harmony and unity among our group. Although we encountered different problems in the process, we dealt with  them positively and optimistically, making this event an unforgettable and meaningful experience.