TrueVision - Exploring Our Vision for the Future

TrueVision, the Campus TV of the school, captures the invisible and makes it visible to everyone at school. Through experiencing every step in the production of programmes, from script writing and shooting to editing and distributing, members develop and realize their full potential and limitless talents. In addition to producing programmes that are broadcast in classrooms each cycle, students also get to develop creativity, hone their skills in handling a vast array of shooting equipment and computer software, and foster bonding with peers by joining workshops and training courses organized for TrueVision members.

Passionate members also rise to the challenge of joining competitions outside school, taking what they have learnt in the team and further developing it. Joining TrueVision allows junior members to experience the importance of working as a team, and senior members to practise leading their teams with charisma and vision, which are all important missions of TrueVision.

  • Meeting Schedule: Non-regular

  • Teacher-in-charge: Ms Lau Ka Yan, Mr Li Ming Hei Martin, Mr Tam Yik, Ms Wong Ming Wai, Mr Wong Walter, Ms Tang Nga Yu