We are pleased and honoured to have organized an online exchange activity with Beijing RDFZ Xishan School. The event was completed with inspiring and engaging exchanges between the students from both schools. Students shared about their school life and common leisure activities, followed by a quality Q&A session which broadened the mutual understanding. Students find the activity insightful and enjoyable. It is hoped that more similar events can be organized in the future to promote exchanges between students of both schools.

Followings are reflections of some of the participating students:

At first , I think they will mainly focus on academic pursuits as they are senior form students with upcoming public exams. However, it impresses me a lot that they still play sports like football and other leisure activities, but not just keep studying in their dorm. I am able to understand their lifestyles better and it is quite interesting! Also, they could speak English fluently which is great. (S2, Christy Fung)

After the Xishan exchange, I have discovered that the students in Xishan are actually busier than us. I have realised that it is important to have good time management and explore our own habits in order to maintain a well-balanced life. (S2, Jade Lau)

In this exchange program, we’ve got a chance to know more about what other schools’ daily learning is like. I’ve also found that they have very clear goals and future directions which I think it’s very important and what I should think about. I treasure this experience a lot and I’m very glad that I can participate in the program. (S2 Natalie Kwong)