To facilitate cross-subject learning and nurture students’ aesthetic sense, the English department brings alive literacy experiences in texts with a chosen art form to add flavor to students’ drama performances in the newly-built black box theatre (Tesseract).

S1 – “Matilda” crossover Puppetry

In a 50-minute demonstration, S1 students were introduced to use puppetry to enliven the protagonist Matilda in the text taught in Literature class, and will later enact part of the story in the end-term Drama showcase using the puppet-Matilda they created in a 5-hour workshop.

S2 – “A Monster Calls” crossover Sand Painting

The swiftness of sand painting is an ideal art form to help S2 students display the transformation of the Monster in the Literature text “A Monster Calls”.  Students attended a sand painting demonstration and will then use the art form to spice up their duologue performance in Drama lessons at the end of the term.