Since October 2023, a group of  Form 4 students has been actively engaged in “Mock Trial 24-25,” a captivating event organised by SideBySide (善導會). Under the supervision of an experienced barrister in Hong Kong, students participated in mock trial competitions, providing them with invaluable insights into crime prevention, justice, and the legal system in Hong Kong.

Our students have assumed various roles throughout the competition, including prosecutors, defendants, and witnesses. This hands-on experience has honed their understanding of the rule of law in Hong Kong and fostered critical thinking skills,  a sense of citizenship, and more.

We are delighted to announce the outstanding performance of our Form 4 students in both rounds of the competition! Their hard work and dedication, coupled with the guidance of our esteemed teachers and coach, have truly shone through.

Post-event reflections from our students highlight a heightened sense of confidence and a deeper understanding of civic responsibility and the importance of crime prevention in their communities.

Congratulations to our Form 4 students for their remarkable achievements and a heartfelt thank you to our dedicated barrister for his invaluable mentorship and guidance throughout this journey!