National Education Assembly 2021

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We were privileged to be able to invite Ms. Florence Chan, the Assistant Superintendent of the Jockey Club Rehabilitation Complex, to speak on the topic, “Exploration and Innovation: cultivating a civic awareness that cares for the society” at the whole-school National Education Assembly held on 24th September 2021. Ms. Chan has distinguished experience in the field of social enterprises and social innovation. 

The sharing began with warm-up games led by the Civic Education Committee members. Ms. Chan then shared with students the core principles behind social innovation, some concrete examples of social innovation and encouraged students to be more proactive in paying attention to the needs of the socially disadvantaged.

The assembly ended with a fruitful Q&A session. Some of the questions being discussed included the challenges of running social enterprises, the importance of balancing between social duties and commercial needs, and also the personal journey of Ms. Chan in exploring her new career in social enterprises.

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