On July 22, 2023, three teams consisting of 12 students from Form 1 to 4 participated in the FIRST LEGO League. The competition required students to build, program and test their robots to complete various tasks. Additionally, each team had to present a proposed environmental solution focused on energy conservation and sustainability.

The teams worked tirelessly to design and construct their robots, attempting to achieve the highest score in a limited time. The students have also developed innovative environmental solutions.

All of our teams received the First Prize in the competition, indicating their exceptional performance and outstanding abilities. This recognition not only highlights the students’ technical skills in robotics, but also shows their creativity and problem-solving abilities in addressing environmental challenges.

Participating in the FIRST LEGO League not only provided the students with a platform to showcase their talents, but also fostered teamwork, critical thinking and presentation skills. The competition serves as a valuable learning experience, empowering the students to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world problems.

List of Participants:

Team 1:

4C    2      CHAN CHING YIU 陳靖瑤

4C    5      CHUNG TSAM NING 鍾沁寧

4C    6      HUNG PUI CHING 洪珮晴

4D   26    WONG RUI 黃睿

Team 2:

1D    31     YU HONG EN 虞鴻恩

3C    7      CHEUNG HIU YAN 張曉昕

3C    19     LO TSZ KIU 盧芷蕎

3C    24    SIN KA YUET 單嘉悅

Team 3:

2B    10     HUIE HOI YIN LAVENA 許凱硏

2B    29    WOO WING CHI 胡穎芝

4C    8      KO MAN HEI MAVIS 高漫希

4C    15     LEUNG WAI KI VICKIE 梁瑋琪