The VTC STEM Challenge Cup aims to inspire students’ creativity and innovation through the integration and application of STEM knowledge and skills, and thus creating innovative solutions. This year’s theme is “Navigating the New Normal – Get Your Campus SMARTER”.

3C Sabrina Cheung and 3C Angie Lo participated in the event and won the 2nd Runner- up as well as receiving Universal Favourite Award. Congratulations!

Their project title is “Touch-Less Smart Toilet System”.

Sabrina and Angie would like to share with you their reflections:

Sabrina – 

Having participated in the VTC STEM Challenge Cup 2021, I gained a lot of meaningful experiences. As the theme is “Get Your Campus SMARTER”, we spent a lot of time discussing and thinking about the inconveniences encountered in our school life. In this way, we hoped to conceive a solution that could really improve the innovative technology of the campus. When deciding on the theme, we conceived a variety of designs, but most of them were not feasible or too complicated. It made me realize that there is a big difference between ideal and reality. We encountered a lot of setbacks when we tried to print the toilet model. We had failed three times. But we did not give up and continued to improve the design. In the end, we successfully completed our toilet model and finally we finished our project successfully.

Angie –

Through joining this competition, I learnt that nothing is impossible. The deadline for the first round was just 2 days after the Uniform Test. We just got half a day to brainstorm and we had to start working. This was really tough work that made me realize there must be something you could not control. For example, the deadline of the competition. 

Taking part in the competition is definitely a memorable experience. Knowing that not everything is in control, we must conserve more time to finish our task and avoid being a “deadline fighter”. I also learnt that teamwork makes the best. TWO is always better than ONE. “There’s no “I” in TEAMWORK”, a symbolic quote from the song ME by Taylor Swift.

We are honored to be awarded the 2nd runner-up and receive the Universal Favourite Award. We would like to thank the principal, the STEAM teachers, alumnae and also everyone who has lent us a helping hand. We could not have done this without you.