True Light’s English Debate Team has a victorious year. The team achieved high promising result in the Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition. In term 1, the two junior teams, along with the senior team, won two rounds of the tournament consecutively and were invited to Term 1 Finals.

Despite not being able to hold on-campus meetings and practices given the pandemic situation, the three teams successfully captured two Champions and a 1st runner-up in Term 1 Finals after months of meetings and script scribbling. In term 2, both our junior and senior team, once again, tided through great challenges and defeated several strong opponents, entering the Grand Finals after five rounds of competitions throughout the year.

Eventually, the junior team was crowned the Champion and the senior team the 1st runner-up in the Grand Finals. Two of our debaters, Melanie Gee from 3B and Laura Wong from 4C, were awarded the Best Speaker.

It is no doubt a fruitful year for the team. The team shall continue to navigate the journey head with the unwavering determination we have this year.