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A Pinch of Fun and A Dash of Challenge Recipe for Learning English Across the Curriculum


LAC lunchtime activities, a combination of challenging activities and meaningful accomplishments, keep students motivated and break the monotony a little by stretching their learning opportunities through activities outside the classroom. A series of word game competitions was held monthly in the 1st term. They were the ‘S1-S3 Spellbulary Tournament’ and the ‘S1-S2 Jumble Scrabble Competition’. The winning classes had to display their knowledge of a wide range of academic vocabulary from various EMI content subjects in terms of spelling and meaning. To promote reading across the curriculum, all EMI content subject teachers took the lead to introduce a subject-related book to their classes in September. This ‘Bring a Book to Class’ practice was followed by a ‘Cross-Curricular Thematic Book Display’ from November 30 to December 4 at the school library. Biographies about famous women from the school library and Hong Kong Central Library were on display. Other fringe activities for the whole school, like the poll for ‘My Favourite Heroine’ and ‘Matching Game’ via True Vision (the school’s television channel) were organized to encourage more students to check out the biographies displayed. The highlight was the ‘S1-S2 Reading Scavenger Hunt’ on the last two days. The tailor-made hunt adopted a multimodality approach, which also helped promote students’ multimodal literacy apart from reading extensively and across the curriculum.


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