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A History Talk by History and Chinese History Panels

A History Talk by History and Chinese History Panels

On 1st March 2018, Mark O’ Neill, the author of “From the Tsar’s Railway to the Red Army” was invited to give a talk to nearly 70 students who study NSS History or Chinese History. Mark was born in London and educated at New College, Oxford University. He is an outstanding journalist and has worked in Asia since 1978, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, China and japan, under the BBC, Reuters, the SCMP and other media. In this talk, Mark shared the story of about 200,000 Chinese workers in Russia during the WWI. They contributed their hard work and even their lives on building the Trans-Siberian Railway. Moreover, most of them had experienced the shocking political changes from Tzar Regime to Communist Russia. Students asked questions about the Chinese workers and Mark's experience of living in China and had further discussions on his other books such as “The Miraculous History of China’s Two Palace Museums”; “Israel and China: From the Tang Dynasty to Silicon Wadi”

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