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True Light Exchange successfully held in March 2017 – Making the unused useful again!

True Light Exchange successfully held in March 2017 – Making the unused useful again!

Co-organized by the Civic Education Association and Community Youth Club, True Light Exchange aims at facilitating the exchange of second-hand goods among the teachers and students in True Light. We believe that the concepts of sharing and reusing unused materials help make our city more sustainable. 

We are grateful for the active participation of teachers and students in the TL Exchange activity and giving these second-hand goods a second life. This has also prompted some students to reflect on the issues of consumerism and shared economy.

Around 500 units of second-hand goods have been collected and 250 units of them have been exchanged. The remaining materials (which include stationery like pens or folders) will be donated to charity organizations, which are serving underprivileged students in China.

March 2017

* The timeline of the event:

  • 6-10/3 (lunchtime): Donation and registration of second-hand goods;
  • 16-17/3 (lunchtime): Exchange of the donated goods period (for those who have donated second-hand goods);
  • 21/3 (lunchtime): Open day for all students in True Light (each student can take up to two donated second-hand goods during the open day). 

** The criteria of second-hand goods collected:

  • Exchangeable second-hand goods: stationary; accessories; board games; CDs; bags: such as shoulder bags or back bags; unpacked new clothing; necklaces and gloves that are washed, cleaned and stored in individual bags; small-scale electronic appliances such as iPads, USB fans, etc.
  • Non-exchangeable second-hand goods: 1) books; 2) second-hand clothing; 3) large scale home appliances, etc.

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