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2016-2017 Life Wide Learning Day

2016-2017 Life Wide Learning Day

In order to provide students learning opportunities in real contexts and authentic settings and enable them to achieve certain learning goals that are more difficult to attain through classroom learning alone, our school organized  a whole school “Life-wide Learning Day” for students on 10th February, 2017 (Friday). We believe that the experiential learning acquired through life-wide learning will help students to achieve the aims of whole-person development and enable them to develop the life-long learning capabilities that are needed in our ever-changing society. 


S1 - Chinese History & History -Getting to know about our district from a historical perspective

S2 - Ecotour to Tung Chung, Ma Shi Chau and Tai Po.

S3 - Life Journey - understanding the life journey, accepting aging and building empathy and respect for the elderly in our society.

S4 - Learning through Serving Others

S5 - A better planning for our future - Visit Tertiary Institutions


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