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The school has thrived since its establishment in Hong Kong in 1935. True Light Middle School of Hong Kong got its start as a primary school. Under the guidance of God and with the efforts of the staff, it has developed into an educational institution comprising a kindergarten, a primary school and a secondary school. This “through-train” mode of operation enables the inculcation of school spirits and coherence in both teaching and learning. Our development is also able to suit the educational trends and meet the requirements of the time

1867 – 1950 The Origin and the early developments

--- Ms Harriet Noyes, the Founder of the school, was assigned by the Philadelphia Woman’s Board to China to spread the word of God. Owing to total neglect of women’s education in the Qing Dynasty at that time, Ms Noyes was determined to establish a school for women in China.

--- True Light Seminary, the first women’s school in South China, was founded in Kam Lei Fau (Sha Kei), Guangzhou. “Thou Art the Light of the World” was chosen as school motto. Six students were enrolled.

--- a school fire led to its removal to Ren Ji Street, Guangzhou. It was expanded to include the elementary grades, the Women’s School and the Bible Women’s Training School. The number of students increased drastically to the number of 300 in 1916.

--- The Women’s School and the Bible Women’s School were moved to Paak Hok Tong, Guangzhou and were merged and renamed as “True Light Middle School”. Dr. J.W. Creighton was named the principal. In 1919, the First Graduation Ceremony was held for the six graduates.

--- The Women’s School and the Bible Women’s School were moved to Paak Hok Tong, Guangzhou and were merged and renamed as “True Light Middle School”. Dr. J.W. Creighton was named the principal. In 1919, the First Graduation Ceremony was held for the six graduates.


--- True Light Primary School was established in Hong Kong by Dr. Hoh Yam-tong with Ms. Tso Hoh Yuk Ying appointed as principal.

--- The True Light Board of Trustees purchased a site at 75 Caine Road for school construction.

--- The invasion of the Japanese army led to school suspension.

--- After the Second World War, True Light Primary School was reopened and Ms. Ho Chung Chung was appointed as principal of the Primary and Kindergarten Sections.

--- The True Light Secondary Section was established.

--- The True Light Student Union was set up.

--- The first class of the Junior Secondary Section graduated. In the same year, the Hong Kong Government granted the school a site on Tai Hang Road for building the campus to accommodate secondary students.

1951-90 A period of rapid development

--- The school started its operation and was expanded to include the Senior Secondary Section, English-medium Section, PM Vocational Training School, Evening School and school dormitory.

--- Five more classrooms were added to the school with the suspension of Vocational Training and evening classes.
--- The English and Chinese medium classes were jointly run by the school.


--- The wife of Sir Alexander Grantham, governor of Hong Kong, was invited to officiate at the opening ceremony of the Phase Two Primary School campus.
--- The Secondary School Christian Students Fellowship was established.

--- School trustee, Mrs. Tso Hoh Yuk Ying, was invited to lay the foundation stone of the school front wing on Caine Road.

--- To mark the silver jubilee of True Light Middle School of Hong Kong, Sir Robert Brown Black, governor of Hong Kong, was invited to officiate at the unveiling ceremony of the expanded Secondary Section.

--- In celebration of True Light School’s 90th anniversary, the True Light Staff Association staged a public drama production to raise funds for True Light Chapel facilities.

--- A fountain, where lotuses were planted and fish were bred, was erected in the school garden for aesthetic appreciation.
--- Due to road collapse near the school caused by heavy rain in June, the Phase Two Primary School moved to its phase one campus on Caine Road for classes.

--- The Secondary Section Road Safety Patrol Team was set up.

--- The Red Cross Youth Unit, Unit 42 in Hong Kong, was set up.

--- In February, the swimming pool construction project began on Tai Hang campus.
--- In December, the foundation stone laying ceremony of Centennial Hall (School Hall) was held.


--- To celebrate the centenary of True Light School, some special events were held, including a seminar on future education principles on 30th August, a thanksgiving service in Hong Kong Football Club Stadium by Hong Kong Administrator Sir Hugh Norman-Walker on 2nd September, an unveiling ceremony of Centennial Hall by Dr. HohYam-tong, school founder, and an unveiling ceremony of the swimming pool by Mr. Allen Lau, chairman of The True Light Foundation, Inc. (US) on 3rd September.
--- From September, English-medium classes were added to the Secondary Section.

--- The Phase One Primary Section on Caine Road was closed. With government subsidies, the Caine Road school campus was reopened for running Hong Kong True Light English Secondary School.

--- Dr. Ho Chung Chung retired and Ms. Wong Sau Ching, head of Secondary Section, succeeded her as principal.


--- The secondary section became fully subsidized under the Hong Kong Education Department.

--- Ms. Wong Sau Ching retired and Ms. Wong Chiu Yok succeeded her as principal.

--- The Girl Guides Ranger Section, Group 97 of Hong Kong Island, was set up in the Secondary Section.

--- The Cub Scouts Section, Group 212 of Hong Kong Island, was set up in the Primary Section.


--- In May, the all-weather running track at the school sports ground started its service for students.

--- The school dormitory ended its service to make way for the construction of Secondary Section classrooms.


--- The Commercial Section was set up to provide F5 graduates with more learning opportunities and prepare them for the pursuit of a career in the business sector.

--- Principal Wong Chiu Yok retired and Ms. Leung Yin Ting succeeded her as principal.


1991-2012 A period of transformation

--- The Community Youth Club was established in both Primary and Secondary Sections.

--- The school campus expansion project commenced in July with the old phase one building demolished to make way for reconstruction work.
--- The Junior Police Call was set up in the Secondary Section.

--- Under the Medium of Instruction Assessment for Secondary Schools, our school was granted the privilege of adopting English as the medium of instruction.
--- Secondary One classes of the Chinese Section were closed, followed by progressive closure of the section itself.

--- The new True Light school wing on Tai Hang Road was officially opened by Archbishop Peter Kwong Kong-kit of the Hong Kong Anglican Church in celebration of the school anniversary.
--- Ms. Wong Pui Kau retired and Ms. Lo Wai Ying succeeded her as head of Kindergarten.

--- On the School Open Day in May, True Light History Room was first used.
--- A publication about True Light history was released to the public at a press conference held in a Commercial Press (HK) venue.

--- The newly constructed covered foot-bridge began its service in February to let Primary Section students access the new school wing for classes conveniently.

--- The statue of Dr. Ho Chung Chung, our late principal, was unveiled and two publications (何中中文集及留芳頌) in memory of Dr. Ho were released.

--- Principal Leung Yin Ting retired and Ms. Kwan Suet Ming succeeded her as principal. Ms. Lam Yin Ching, Ms. Ng Pui Ching and Ms. Lo Wai Ying were appointed as Principal of Commercial Section, Primary Section and Kindergarten Section respectively.

--- The 3-year New Senior Secondary Curriculum started with the implementation of 4 core subjects and 13 elective subjects in 15 groups covering different Key Learning Areas.
--- Ms. Lo Wai Ying, principal of Kindergarten Section, retired at the end of the school year and Ms. Shum Pui Chun succeeded to the principalship.
---Lumington, our English drama production, was successfully staged in the Jockey Club Auditorium.


--- The four True Light Secondary Schools successfully applied for the e-learning pilot scheme. The Wifi system of the classrooms was upgraded and i-pads were adopted in teaching to enhance the learning effectiveness,

--- TLamp (True Light Alumni Mentorship Program) was launched on April 9. It provides a chance for True Light alumnae to share their experience and professional knowledge with our students in order to better prepare them for further studies and career choices.
--- A ground-breaking ceremony for the renovation work of our swimming pool proceeded after the 76th Anniversary Thanksgiving Ceremony.

--- The Commercial and Language Section ended its historical mission and ceased to enroll students in September 2012
--- The Chinese translated version of “A Light in the Land of Sinim<光在華夏>” which was written by our school founder, Ms. Harriet Noyes, was published.
--- “From Guangzhou to Hong Kong: The Narrated History of True Light Golden Times< 從廣州到香港:真光流金歲月的口述故事 >” was published by the four True Light Schools.

--- The Inauguration Ceremony of the Indoor Heated Swimming Pool took place after the 78th School Anniversary Thanksgiving Service.

--- BYOD (Bring your own device) was introduced in Secondary Section. Students could bring to school their own iPads which served as a mobile learning tool to enhance their active learning capacities.

--- Our Parent-Teacher Association supported the “TL Oasis Project” actively by holding a fundraising walkathon in Aberdeen Country Park on March 30, 2014. Over 2000 students, parents and alumnae from Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Sections attended the activity. Through this function, a total of $699,488 was raised for TL Oasis Project.

--- To improve the school facilities and provide our students with a finer learning and performance space, the “True Light Oasis” was constructed to cultivate students’ passion for knowledge and courage them to innovate.
--- The computer Room and Multi-media Learning Centre were reconfigured and expanded into an e-Learning Academic Centre.
--- The School Library was redeveloped to include a Student Independent Learning Space for encouraging our students to conduct their independent learning and broadening their horizons.
--- The Centennial Hall had its stage extended and additional backstage facilities and equipment installed.

--- The celebration of the 80th Anniversary of our school was kick-started by the birthday parties held by PTA in March. Teachers and students received handmade birthday cakes, 80 cupcakes, 80 cookies and 80 macarons prepared by the PTA as birthday gifts.
--- True Light e-Learning Workshop: On and Beyond was successfully held on 25 April. Over 80 secondary teachers from about 55 secondary schools attended the workshop and the responses were very encouraging.

--- The 80th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service, Dedication Ceremony of True Light Oasis and Fund-raising Fun Fair were held on 2 May and were well received by parents, alumni and guests. The Anniversary Banquet was held in the Grand Hall in Wanchai with a total of 92 tables set for guests. Every celebratory event was a huge success.

--- HKTL Joint Schools Speech Day and Passing-on-the-light Ceremony were held in July at our School Hall and Sports Ground where our dancing teams together with hundreds of light bearers performed various shows to bring us an enchanting, memorable evening.

--- Thou Art the Luminors, our English musical, was successfully staged in the Jockey Club Auditorium.


Our Principals


Ms Harriet Noyes 1872-1917
Mrs Law Lau Sam Tsz 1919-1925
Ms Law To Chun 1925-1928
Ms Law Yau Tsit 1928-1930


Dr. John Creighton 1917-1921
Ms Edna Lowe 1923-1928
Ms Ruth Craft 1928-1930
Rev. Stephon Mark 1930-1934
Dr. Hoh Yam Tong 1934-1943
Ms Wong Yuk Ching 1943-1944
Ms Lee Yiu Yu 1944-1947
Dr. Ma Yi Ying 1947-1949
Ms Lee Cheuk Yi 1949-1952

True Light Middle School of Hong Kong

Dr. Hoh Yam Tong School Founder
Ms Ho Yuk Ying 1935-1941
Ms Ho Chung Chung 1946-1974
Ms Wong Sau Ching 1974-1979
Ms Wong Chiu Yok 1979-1989
Dr. Leung Yin Ting, Teresa 1989-2006
Ms Kwan Suet Ming 2006-2018
Ms Hui Tuen Yung 2018-Present


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