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Science Forum--From Anecdotes to the World – From Individual to the Society
Science Forum 
 From Anecdotes to the World –  From Individual to the Society
4D Chow Wing Yan
In this digital era, learning does not merely include inputs but also the process of thinking and the applications to the world. The talks by the 4 speakers trigger revelations of our learning practices in different aspects.
Dr. Thomas Chan Kwok-cheung, the President of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, shared with us his belief, mentality and attitude to the road of success. He mentioned about work-life balance, effective communication and broad horizon. It is essential for us to spend time with our friends and family as round the clockworking is not ideal. Expression and presentation of our own thoughts and cooperation with partners is also one of the key elements to achieve big. Exchange of ideas with others and people around the world can evoke more inspirations and let us stand at a higher position to look back at our studies. Besides theories, practical experience is also important.
Professor Tsui Lap-chee, the Founding President of the Academy of Sciences of Hong Kong, shared with us his experience in gene research and how genetic information affects human health. His application of knowledge and study findings aim to cure patients suffering from anemia, cancer and other diseases, linking learning of the individual to contributions to the society. He also reminds us to make decisions once opportunity comes.
Aside from Professor Tsui, Professor Raymond Tong Kai-yu, the Chairman of Department of Biotechnology Engineering in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, brings technology to the medical field. Understanding the desire of patients and the handicapped who are wanting dignity, he invented Exoskeleton Robotic hands and legs, which is much more effective and affordable, to replace the traditional physiotherapy for stroke patients.
Education is indispensable for great accomplishments. Thus, Principal Lau Chun-hung of Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing Secondary School, devoted himself to STEM development to train students’ critical thinking abilities and innovation. Using one of the students’ products which can tell the arrival time of the minibus through an app, he illustrated educators’ role in nurturing students and the fruit of success. Though learning is vital, the application of knowledge in the world is what costs the most, what gives knowledge spirit, and what cannot be replaced except by humans.


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