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True Light School, which was established in Guangzhou in 1872, is the pioneer of Chinese women’s education. The women’s education that it advocates does not only raise the status of women in society, but also helps nurture the talents needed by the country and makes great contributions to the overall development of the society.

In 1935, a branch primary school was established in Hong Kong. The secondary section was added in the post-war period. In 1951, our school was relocated to Tai Hang Road. With God’s love and His blessing, along with the efforts of all True Light people, The True Light Middle School of Hong Kong has transcended and grown, and now it consists of 3 sections: the Kindergarten, the Primary school and the Secondary school with a total enrollment of 2000 students.


"On and beyond" was adopted as the theme for our school’s 80th anniversary in the belief that only on solid roots of traditions and history can we stand higher and move further towards a new stage of development. Built on the rich heritage our predecessors had developed, the School has been striving for excellence to move on and beyond to offer quality education for students.

In coping with the needs of changing times and new learning modes, we have launched the True Light Oasis Project to expand our school. Thanks to God’s grace and His abundant provisions, the construction of the “True Light Oasis” was completed on schedule and the environment has been optimized with an e-Learning zone, a student independent learning space and an extended performance space. Now, the True Light Oasis has become not only an interactive learning space for students, but also an academic exchange centre. Since the operation of the Oasis, talks, seminars and workshops about eLearning have been held for local and visiting teachers and educators. From the betterment of school facilities and the elevation of teaching and learning, to the improvement of students’ academic performance and the generous contribution to community services, the grace of God is always with us. We honour the past, celebrate the present and anticipate the future. May the True Light spirit shine forever more!

May God, whose power is at work within us, be powerful enough, and more than powerful enough, to carry out the divine purpose beyond all our hopes and dreams.

[Ephesians 3:20]


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